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"Mistakes are our teachers. I face mistakes with courage.
- Bairavi
Bairavi is an enthusiastic and professional singer, Ex-RJ, Dubbing Artiste, Stage Anchor, and a Balloon Modellar. She has started singing from her early school days. Later, she gradually elevated herself as a professional anchor and a singer. She is now running event management and a musical band called Voice Virus in Coimbatore. She has released many YouTube songs and has sung in many devotional albums and short films. Recently, her Smule songs have gone viral and she is very famous among Smule singers.

When and why did you start singing?
    Having born in a musical family, I learnt Carnatic/Classical Music from my childhood at the age of 3 years. I started exploring film songs from my college days after joining in Elite Orchestra, which is one of the best in Coimbatore.

What was the first tune you learned?
    (Laughs). Seriously I don’t remember the first tune I learnt. My first guru is my grandmother Smt. Saradambal who started teaching me music from as early as 3 years.

Is your family a musical family? 
    Yes. I hail from a classical based musical family. My twin sister Ms. Ranjani is a Veena Player. My elder sister Ms. Charumathy is also a classical and film singer. My husband Mr. Gopi is a rhythm player and a composer. There are many singers and artists in both my paternal and maternal side. My father Jayaraman is a well-known magician but have learnt violin and interested in music. Mother Ms. Jayam is a shadowgraphy artist and she sings although she did not learn formal music. My kids are also learning musical instruments now.

Which famous musician do you admire and why?
    Although I admire lots of musicians, I admire the God of Tamil Music Industry Isaignani Shri. Ilayaraja for his greatness of music and compositions. I feel relaxed listening to his songs. In classical music, no singer can skip the great compositions by Trinity composers.

Which famous musician have you learned from?
    According to me, all the singers are my Guru. I listen and learn a lot of intricacies of music and expressions from none other than the stalwarts themselves Smt. S Janaki Amma and Shri. S P Balasubramaniam sir. They both are a dictionary of music to me.

Who was your first teacher and tell us something about all your teachers?
    My first Guru is my elder sister Ms. Charumathy. She corrects all my mistakes and guides me on improvisations. I learnt Carnatic Music from my Gurus Pitchammal and Rajalakshmi Padmanabhan. 


What are your fondest musical memories in your house, neighborhood, and town?
    I cannot forget my golden time of musical days in my Orchestra – Elite Orchestra during my initial film singing experiences. I have learnt a lot from my friends. I cannot forget the program where I shared my stage with Smt. S Janaki Amma.

Were you influenced by Old Records & tapes? If yes, which ones?
    I hear a lot of Isaignani songs. I cannot list as it is very long. Also, I do listen to Ghazals and western instrumental music.

Who are your favorite singers?
    It is very hard to list my favorite singers. I feel each song gets life through a singer. Anyway, Smt. S Janaki Amma and Shri. S P Balasubramaniam sir are my role models. Smt. Chitra Chechi’s honey voice fascinates me always.

Did you participate in any reality shows? 
    Yes, I have participated in Vijay TV’s super singer. But I feel reality shows are not suitable for my interest. I have sung many songs in Smule.

Do you perform in Public? Please describe your experience in concerts?
    Yes. I have given more than 1000 stage shows. My songs have been telecasted in Sun Music, Aadithya, Polimer, Makkal, and Pothigai Channels. We have given our band performance for famous music shows in Music Mojo, a program in Kerala Based Channel Kappa TV.


How do you handle mistakes?
    The only person who never makes a mistake is one who never does anything. Mistakes are our teachers. I face mistakes with courage. I do regret them but never carry the regret to future.

How often do you practice?
    I practice regularly for a minimum period of one hour a day. I learn new songs often.

How do you balance career and family?
    It is a very tough task to balance family and career. I am able to manage my music career with the full support of my parents and husband. I go for programs mostly during weekends. I also record/practice only after my kids go to school.

What are your future Plans and Projects?
    I have sung in a devotional album of a renowned music director. I am also planning to take my shows to the next level with new concepts and creativity. I always wanted to explore film music with classical music. I want my audience to experience a new concept of knowledge about attending our music program.

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