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                                                         General Terms & Conditions                                            


•The preliminary round is Freestyle.

• Short cover songs are not allowed. The full song will only be accepted. Unless and Until we mention a short cover.

• Only Video songs allowed. If you are singing in Smule Keep in Studio or Super Studio mode only.

• Select clear devocalized tracks for singing

• Don’t join multiple Joins in karaoke apps.

• Only one entry per Payment as mentioned earlier.

• Contestants should mention clearly in which category they are participating.

• Contestants can sing the same song as the previous contestants.

• The maximum duration of the rendition should not exceed 7 minutes.

• You cannot change your song selection after the registration has closed.

• Entries sent after the extended due dates won't be accepted.

• Failure to comply with all “Rules and Regulations” may result in disqualification.

• Participation certificates will be provided only to those who attend the award ceremony and to those who confirm attendance. Prizes or certificates will not be sent through any post or courier when there is awarding ceremony.

• The decision of our qualified judges will be final.


                                                      Isai24x7 Terms & Conditions                                     


  • Isai24x7 has the rights to use any of the videos submitted by the participants for any promotional activities.


  • Contestants may be required by the Organizer to participate in interviews, next season promotional activities and acknowledge that the Organizer has the right to use such those and in any reasonable manner it sees fit, without payment of any compensation whatsoever

  • The Contestant shall not without the specific prior written consent of the Organizer publish or disclose any information in connection with the Contest or the Prize (without limitation to representatives of media in whatsoever form).

  • I acknowledge that I will be available for promotional activities for next few competitions from isai24x7.


  • Additional prizes and categories may be added at the Organizer's discretion.


  • Failure of following the rules will lead to disqualification.



                                      Notes for filling the form & sending songs                                   


  • Full names of all the members should be clearly mentioned in the registration form.


  • Direct point of contact provided in the registration form should be active with communication.

  • In case of any invalid/misinformation or not fulfilling the criteria of the registration form will lead to disqualification.

  • The video's sound quality should be good. Vocals should be audible.

  • Vocalists’ faces must be clearly visible in the video.

  • Contestants are expected to dress appropriately for their song.

  • Record a fresh video already recorded Videos not allowed.


                                                          Judging parameters                                                   


  1. Quality of voice: Natural and distinctive tone.

  2. Strength: Steadiness of voice power, Confidence Range of voice

  3. Pitch: Adherence to the note and melody of the song

  4. Tune: One which characterizes a certain piece of music

  5. Rhythm: Tempo and timing of the song

  6. Clarity: Pronunciation of words

  7. Mood and Expression:  Feeling or a song's specific state of mind.

  8. Breath control: How you exhale controls the quality of the sound, the volume and the tone.

  9. Creativity - Improvisation

  10. Overall impact – winning component

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