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Frequently asked questions

Fee per Album/Covers:

• Early Bird Solo – 399 ₹ + payment gateway charges
• Late Bird Solo - 499 ₹ + payment gateway charges

How to Participate?

• Read the Contest Terms & Conditions for participation
• Click on the payment link
• Note down the payment ID after payment.
• Enrol for the contest by filling up the registration form along with your payment ID.
• Copy the Youtube link of your singing and fill the form.
• All submissions become Isai24x7’s sole property


Preliminary: Any Album/Cover Singers for the Level 1 will be selected during the preliminary rounds

  • Audition Start Date: Oct 12 2018
  • Submission End Date Early Bird: Oct 28 2018
  • Submission End Date Late Bird: Nov 14 2018
  • Audition Results: Nov 18 2018
Level 1: Any Album/Cover from Jan 2017 till now are accepted.
  • Start date Nov 18 2018
  • End date: Nov-26 2018
    • Melody
    • Folk
    • Western
    • Classical
    • Retro/Pop
Level 2: Any Album/Cover from Jan 2017 till now are accepted.
  • Start date Nov 28 2018
  • End date: Dec-09 2018
Finale: Any Album/Cover from Jan 2017 till now are accepted.
  • ​​​​​Start date Dec 16 2018
  • End date: Dec-27 2018

General Rules

♪ First ever Album/Cover competition for participants.
♪ Albums recorded from Jan 2017 till now are accepted.
♪ Get Your Album/Cover Get your album or cover well known to the world.
♪ Participate in Contest & Win isai24x7 awards*.
♪ Full names of all the members should be clearly mentioned in the registration form.
♪ Direct point of contact provided in the registration form should be active with communication.
♪ In case of any invalid/misinformation or not fulfilling the criteria of the registration form will lead to disqualification.


Voting Registered and Subscribed users can vote on videos that they like the most. Social media sharing is encouraged to help increase votes for your videos. The top 3 highest videos will be chosen as winners at the end of the competition. Rules for Voting • Only one vote per video can be made per person.
• Users must register or subscribe to our channel to vote.

Travel expenses and Event tickets

• Contestants, their parents, guardians and accompanists must bear all the costs related to their travel to and from the final event. • Free tickets or discounted tickets will be provided only the finale contestants.