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Call for

1) ₹100 to be paid at the Venue for Photography and Videography together.

2)Pls Show the mail confirmation you received while booking the ticket.

3) For the Fair Game min 2 Chances for each participant
One Duet (5 mins per duet) For 5 mins 2 short solo songs (2*2=4) or 1 duet your mutual wish
Group (7 Mins per Group) For 7 mins 3 short songs (3*2=6) or 1 group your team's wish

Gifts & Prizes

Our Star awardees

Highlights of the show



1) I am a Contestant Why do I need to book the ticket?

We already mentioned the competition amount is only for running the competition and tickets should be booked separately.

2) How many members for 899 ticket?

Only one member allowed for each ticket.

3) Do I need to book for my kids?

Full tickets are a must for kids because the calculation is based on chair and food. If the kid below 4 years no needs to buy tickets.

4) What if I am a contestant not available for the event?

Assign someone else with 499 tickets and tell them to collect the award. We will not courier you any prize.

5) Will I be allowed to sing?

Only for 999 tickets singing is allowed. For 499 tickets singing is not possible. Because evening award function is going to happen. All the participants should be ready to sing the which we assign for awards. Morning singing is casual you can sing any duets.

6) Can I choose my duet partner?

If you both book at a time and you already planned it is allowed. Else we will put your duet partner randomly.

7) Do solos allowed?

No solos allowed. Until and unless required for the event.

8) I am the winner of the event and I have not come and not assigned anyone what will happen?

Your awards and gifts will not be sent. But still, we mention you as for first prize and display on our site and page.

9) When is last date to book?

We have only limited tickets we will sell tickets only up to singing slot is available. If singing slot not available we will close the ticket.

10) Can I cancel any ticket or exchange full-day tickets to 499 tickets?

No. Refunds and Exchanges are not possible.

11) What is the difference between 999 and 499 ticket?

For 999 Singing, Food, Games, Awards, Gifts, Music, and friends all are available. Allowed for the whole event.

For 499 tickets only 3 PM to 8 PM allowed. Awards will happen at that time only. No Singing slots are available. Snacks are available. Celebrities are present at that time.

12) When will be the music games conducted?

To save time for singing this time it will be conducted only for 30 mins in the afternoon. Auditions this time will happen in online itself.

13) What if I am not available for my slot?

Slots will not be exchanged.

14) Will there be voting for finals?

To engage the audience and people voting is mandatory. So Isai24x7 follow 70-30 rule 70% of the judge's mark and 30% of the public voting.

16) What is the White Elephant Gift Exchange?

A white elephant gift exchange, Yankee swap or Dirty Santa is a party game where amusing, impractical gifts are exchanged during festivities. Usually, the goal of a white elephant gift exchange is to entertain party-goers rather than to gain a genuinely valuable or highly sought-after item.


ISAI24X7 or its members will not ask for money in any form except online payment for (Entry fees+ Payment gateway charges).  Isai team will not hold any responsibility for having any financial transactions to any member or participant of the isai event.​
Videography or photography will not be taken by isai24x7 for any individuals.
Misusing the phone number of the other participants is strictly considered as an offense.

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