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Isai Thiruvizha 3

Duet partners

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Program List

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Do's & Dont's


  • Respect the list and program. (Organizers have the right to change song order in unusual circumstances but will stick to the order always and as much as possible.)

  • Be there at the time. People coming late will be having a disadvantage.

  • Please plan to stay throughout the event from 9 AM to 9 PM. It would be very rude to come, sing your song and then leave right away.

  • Only duets are allowed. Except at the isai24x7 promotional event.

  • Thou shall not choose a song longer than five minutes. Except at the isai24x7 promotional event.

  • Though shall not choose a song that nobody knows.

  • Thou shall not talk louder someone else’s song.

  • No picking of singers allowed. Duets are randomly assigned based on First Come First serve.

  • All the Game teams are formed randomly. Try to mingle with everybody. 

  • Follow the rules of the games. Please listen to the game instructions carefully. Don’t let the anchor repeat again. It will make a lack of time.

  • Keep the microphone in front of your lips. We can’t hear you if the microphone is not in front of you.

  • Cheer, applaud and make lots of noise for all the singers. Cheer the way you want others to cheer for you.

  • It's not a competition. Why so serious? Karaoke is meant to be fun, so don’t take it too seriously but at the same time doesn’t use it as a rehearsal.

  • Cellphone should be put on Silent or Vibrate mode.

                                Have a great time!


  • Tap, shake or hit the microphones against your hand or anything else. This is bad for the microphone and sound system.

  • Do not put pressure to change the order using any reasons because that would mean we are upsetting other singers.

  • Never put the microphone in front of the speaker. Feedback noise is never welcome.

  • Never yell or scream in the microphone.

  • Put your hand over the end of the microphone when you sing.

  • Bring your drinks or food to the DJ/KJ table. They will not be allowed near the equipment.

  • Don’t waste time unnecessarily. Don’t take more time on lunch

Game List

Coming soon.


  • ISAI24X7 or its members will not ask for money in any form except online payment for (999+ Payment gateway charges).  Isai team will not hold any responsibility for having any financial transactions to any member or participant of the isai event.​
  • Videography or photography will not be taken by isai24x7 for any individuals. Interested people can pay and collect the official photos & videos post event when notified.
  • Misusing the phone number of the other participants is strictly considered as offense.
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