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Alas, or Yan Yucheng that sentence, this person is smart from smart, but "the pattern is not enough"! "Well, half is half, and I can give you another two thousand yuan, after all, Lily is going to have a baby, and it will cost money." Maomao will be raised by Sister Shaolan, and you don't have to pay any more alimony. I cut the Gordian knot. I don't want to entangle with Cao Shengyong too much. It's nothing to make a concession on the money, so that people who don't know the inside story can accuse me of bullying others. Although Cao Shengyong has sound hands and feet, he is not a disabled person. But a Pockmarked face can sometimes win sympathy from others. Hearing that I opened my mouth for two thousand yuan, Cao Shengyong was overjoyed and immediately nodded, as if relieved. Look at this situation, he and Liang Shaolan live together, the pressure is not small. On the contrary, if you live with a woman like Lily, you can get back a little dignity of a man. It was a little unexpected that the matter was settled so smoothly. Originally thought to spend a lot of hands and feet, Cao Shengyong this person, really difficult to entangle tightly. I was afraid that Cao Shengyong would go back on his word and make another mistake, so I immediately struck while the iron was hot. I drafted a "divorce agreement" and asked him and his wife to sign it. Then, accompanied by Cheng Xinjian and others,Portable gold trommel, I went to the Civil Affairs Bureau, but there was another accident. But it turned out that they didn't get a marriage certificate at all, and it was a de facto marriage. However, at that time, de facto marriage was also protected by law, unlike later generations who did not recognize it. That's right, I had to get a marriage certificate first and then a divorce certificate. Stay Liang Qiao hugged Maomao back to the shop, this marriage has been divorced,Portable gold trommel, like a dream, Leng Leng for a long time. Chapter two hundred and ten commissioner office meeting quarrel Hair At the first commissioner's office meeting held in Pingshan, it was painless to quarrel with Yan Yucheng. Yan Yucheng threw out the "expert development plan", which Xue Pingshan basically agreed with, and affirmed with a smile that Yan Yucheng was indeed an expert in "developing economic construction". To say this is a good thing, but Yan Yucheng is not comfortable in his heart. If for no other reason than that Xue Pingshan's tone of self-assertion as a leader and condescension is too obvious. You, Xue Pingshan, are a leader, but when you are new here, don't take yourself too seriously, right? Uncomfortable is uncomfortable, and the work that should be done has to be done. In any case, as long as Xue Pingshan affirms this development idea. Experts are experts, and the development strategies made according to local conditions are based on reality, reasonable and well-founded, tin beneficiation plant ,portable gold wash plant, and the expectations for the future are very clear and clear. According to this train of thought, the rapid economic development of Baozhou can be fully foreseen. Xue Pingshan is not a fool, as soon as he took office, Yan Yucheng sent such a "big gift", how can there be a reason to push it out? The commissioner's office meeting was held in harmony at first, and Yan Yucheng threw out a plan to overhaul the water conservancy. This is also based on the fact that the Baozhou area is located in the inland, with dense hills and mountainous areas. There are floods in some places and droughts in some places. Although there are few major disasters of overall importance, local drought and flood disasters often occur, endangering the agricultural production of one or two counties and even the safety of county towns. Last year, more than half of the counties had difficulty in drinking water. Natural disasters are one of the reasons, mainly because many reservoirs in Baozhou area, especially the key reservoirs, were built during the "Great Leap Forward" period more than 20 years ago. They have been in disrepair for a long time, with serious siltation and greatly reduced regulatory functions. Some small reservoirs have reduced their water surface to the size of a slightly larger pond, basically existing in name only. More than 70% of the water diversion ditches, including the main ditches, have lost their function and have been completely silted up and blocked. The situation is very serious. Comrades, if things go on like this, in a few years, not to mention the irrigation of crops, there will be great difficulties in domestic and industrial water use in several major cities and towns. A major renovation is needed immediately. Yan Yucheng's tone is very stern. The other deputy commissioners, all "old Baozhou," had a deep understanding of what Yan Yucheng had said and nodded frequently. Jiang Kaige, deputy commissioner in charge of agriculture, forestry and water conservancy, voiced his support. Secretary Yan is absolutely right. The water conservancy facilities in our region have reached the point where they must be repaired. Yan Yucheng's position within the party was adjusted to deputy secretary. Jiang Kaige called him Secretary Yan instead of Commissioner Yan as usual. After all, the title of "secretary". It covers a wider range. On the premise that the Party leads everything. It also appears to be more powerful. Xue Pingshan frowned slightly. "Comrade Yucheng," he asked flatly. Is there a specific renovation plan? "Yes.." Yan Yucheng reported a lot of data. He was originally a "high-rise" leader. Once they assume the administrative leadership position in charge of specific work. We have to take Comrade Liu Jincai as an "example". Play the numbers game. This is the person who does the specific work. Must have the basic quality. Hearing that the time span was as long as three years, with an average annual regional financial investment of more than 4 million yuan, Xue Pingshan frowned even more tightly. He looked up at Yao Yumei, director of the regional finance Bureau, who attended the meeting as a nonvoting delegate, and asked: "Director Yao, is the regional finance able to bear this?" Yao Yumei is in her early forties. Her body is slightly plump and her appearance is positive. She has the charm of a half-old Xu Niang. It is not easy for a female Comrade to sit in the position of director of the regional finance Bureau. At the very least, it shows two connotations-first, it has a hard background; second, it has extraordinary ability. Both are indispensable. Listening to Commissioner Xue's inquiry, Yao Yumei smiled before speaking, and her smile was charming and moving. Yao Yumei is the focus of attention of many male comrades at every Commissioner's office meeting. Although everyone respected their status and did not stare at her directly, especially when Zhou Peiming was a commissioner, most of the time he had a sullen face, and comrades had to "do not look at indecency", but it was still possible to glance out of the corner of their eyes. When it was Yao Yumei's turn to speak, naturally everyone looked at the past justifiably, and Commissioner Zhou was helpless. Commissioner Xue, leaders, everyone knows that regional finance has always been tight, and it's hard to be a poor family. To say that the construction of water conservancy projects is really a good thing for the country and the people, if the leaders make a decision,sodium cyanide price, no matter how difficult the regional finance is, they must resolutely implement the spirit of the instructions of the Commissioner's Meeting.. However The woman talks in a roundabout way, which sounds very difficult.


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