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The previous misunderstanding really made me feel embarrassed. Fortunately, the other party was magnanimous, regardless of the past. Instead, he risked his life to save himself. This young man is really the lucky star of the Central Plains Wulin! While everyone was thinking about it, Xiang Silong approached Master Shuiyue step by step. He said coldly, "The Huashan Sect has no enmity with you and me, but why do you want to exterminate them?"? Say, what is the purpose of your coming? If I tell you the truth, I may be able to save your life! Otherwise, you will be cut into pieces and die without a burial place! Master Shuiyue's whole body trembled violently, and his body was about to fall to the ground. His eyes were full of horror and he stared at Xiang Silong, as if he had not heard Xiang Silong's question. Because the monk rushed forward, "Pa Pa Pa" even slapped him several times in the face, and then asked: "My son asked you! Why don't you answer? Are you deaf? ***, just now I was elated, but now I'm a son of a bitch! Fuck Master Shuiyue was beaten back to his mind, but he smiled sadly and said, "It was the Master who abandoned us!"! I didn't expect Master Shuiyue to work hard for his master all his life, but in the end he ended up like this! Then he suddenly gritted his teeth. After a moment, black blood spilled from the corners of his mouth. As he fell back,Nail machine supplier, he was still muttering to himself, "Master, disciple, you'll be here soon!"! I'm so tired, and now I can finally have a rest! As soon as he finished speaking, he heard a "splash" and the body of Master Shuiyue fell to the ground. Xiang Silong was stunned to see that Master Shuiyue was also a man, but he was so foolish that he bit the poison hidden in his teeth and committed suicide! But whether his nature is good or not,Nail machine manufacturer, or the day after tomorrow Liu Sheng Qingyun's teaching to him made him a cold-blooded killer, this guy must have done a lot of evil in his life, but it's best to die! Just because he destroyed Huashan Manmen, even if he abandoned his martial arts and let him go, others will certainly not let him go! This guy's suicide is actually self-aware, so he can end up with a whole body! If not, it's really a broken body. Unfortunately, she died without a clue to the whereabouts of Liu Sheng Qingyun, the devil! But removed him, also if cut off Liu Sheng Qingyun's left and right arms, but also a big harvest! His grandmother, Liu Sheng Qingyun, the disciple trained by the old devil, is really cruel, wire nail making machine ,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, not only to others, but also to himself! This shows, Liu Sheng Qingyun is how terrible a big devil! No wonder he can be appreciated by the magician Feng Chixing, for his powerful war! As he thought about it, he finished examining the situation of the two cold-faced old men and went forward to report: "Childe, those two guys were killed by your fist!"! It's really useless! Xiang Silong nodded noncommittally and walked up to the black-robed old man who was being held by the Lord of the Shenshui Palace. He said in a gentle tone, "As long as you cooperate with us, I won't take your life!"! Otherwise You know what will happen. The black-robed old man nodded his head repeatedly and said in a hoarse voice, "What do you want to say, Shaoxia? But please come here. I must say everything I know." Xiang Silong said, "Yes," and said, "What I want to ask you first is what is Liu Sheng Qingyun's motive for being in the Central Plains this time? Did he discuss the cooperation plan with the blood demon? Is Moshuai Fengchixing really alive? What is the rumor of the Magic Eagle Blade? Well, there are the identity and the number of your henchmen, these had better be able to tell the truth in detail, I can use my discretion to deal with you lightly. The black-robed old man hesitated for a moment and said, "Shaoxia, I can't answer these questions one by one. But as far as I know, it was three years ago that Liu Sheng Qingyun suddenly received a letter from Throwing Knife. No one else knew what was written in it. But before long, he sent his chief disciple Master Shuiyue to the Central Plains to do something for him.". Few people know about this, but as his fellow apprentice, I was very important to him. When he came to the Central Plains this time, I was also chosen by him. So he told me frankly that he re-entered the Central Plains this time because of the summons of the Demon Commander, and said that Master Shuiyue had made preliminary preparations in the Central Plains and so on. There are twelve people in our group with Liu Sheng Qingyun, all of whom are first-class players selected by Liu Sheng Qingyun in Japan and trained by him personally. After entering the Central Plains, Liu Sheng Qingyun and I arranged us in a secret basement near the sea in this town. We were not allowed to go out at will. Only he and Master Shuiyue often went out for ten days and a half months. The day before yesterday, a dozen or so of us who were hiding in the secret room by the sea were suddenly told by Master Shuiyue to take action. That night he led us to Huashan Mountain to kill, and then followed us to kill Xianyun and all of them. By the time we got back to the secret room by the sea, Liu Sheng Qingyun had already arrived there. He took me and the other two to complete a task with Master Shuiyue, that is, to capture Shaoxia. Master Shuiyue said that he had arranged everything and taught me to answer. Then Liu Sheng Qingwen gave me a pill to increase my skill, which could increase my skill several times in a moment, but it could only last for six hours.. The next thing is the situation after meeting Shaoxia. I That's all I know. Please spare my life, Shaoxia! What I have done is directed by Liu Sheng Qingyun! Hearing that the black-robed old man had said so much, Xiang Silong didn't hear any valuable clues. It seemed that the black-robed old man was just a muddle-headed killer. He couldn't get anything out of his mouth, but he still asked again with emphasis: "Do you really only know so much?"? If there is half a sentence. Before Xiang Silong had finished speaking, the black-robed old man cut his mouth anxiously and said, "Shaoxia, I really only know so much!"! I didn't lie to you! You let me go! Xiang Silong nodded, but he talked and said, "Well, I'll let you go.". However, although the death penalty can not escape the living crime, you have participated in the massacre of the Huashan Sect, then you can abolish all your martial arts and cut off one hand and one foot! Then he turned to the Taoist Priest Qingsong and said,Automatic nail machine, "Headmaster, this guy is at your disposal!" The black-robed old man was so frightened that he cried out loudly. Master yuanzheng came forward and saluted Xiang Silong and said, "I had a lot of misunderstandings about Shaoxia before. I hope you will forgive me." 。


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