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She understood that Shuisheng was angry with her. Qianqian pursued Shuisheng relentlessly. He also heard Shuisheng talk about it. Now Shuishen's misunderstanding of himself is getting deeper and deeper. He is afraid that they will do something irrational. Reality is reality. Can she not be responsible for her father's illness as the eldest! But I'm not employed. No financial resources, only rely on Li Feng, so she felt that her approach was correct, Li Feng's feelings for her when she knew, how could she accept it! "Xiao Yun, you are here." Li Feng was looking for Shu Yun everywhere. When he saw her, he was very happy and said, "I still want to work. She already has Qianqian. What good is he? He is stubborn and poor. I will not treat you badly when I come to work in my company in the future!" Shu Yun fell into confusion, she always missed the water, imagine their past, their future. Shuisheng loves me, he is not such a person, I know he loves me! Li Feng cunningly opened her small eyes behind her sunglasses and said to Shu Yun affectionately, "I understand that Shuisheng has feelings for you, but have you ever thought that Qianqian is an affectionate girl? Shuisheng can resist Qianqian's offensive!"! A woman who loves a man will go all out to attack. 。” The romantic president just knows a lot. The words made Shu Yun feel cold in her heart. She didn't understand how he knew so much about our classmates. Suddenly she remembered that Honghong was in his company. It must be Honghong who told him that birds of a feather flock together! Shu Yun subconsciously dialed the aquatic phone again, the other party still turned off, she called Qianqian's phone again, inside came Qianqian's soft voice: "Shu Yun, we are back,Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale, drinking, can you come and drink with us?"? If you want to come over, I'll say the address.. "Qianqian's tone is full of arrogant understatement.". It seems that she is already an aquatic lover. Shu Yun's head was buzzing at that time, she was too clear about the water's capacity for liquor, where is her opponent in love! Qianqian is a famous social butterfly in the college. Rich people often take her to high-end hotels. She knew something was going to happen today, but it was too late to cry. Thinking of this, she came to the ward alone. She saw that her father's condition had improved. She said a few words to the doctor and said to her family,glass cream jars, "I have something urgent to go out. Call me if you have anything." He came out alone. Xiao Yun, what are you going to do? Li Feng never left behind her. I want to go back and see Shuisheng! Shu Yun's ruthlessness came up, and her usual bird-like character became intrepid. Come on, I'll take you. Now that your father's condition is stable, it's all right for you to leave. As long as you have money, what disease can't be cured? Li Feng is afraid that Shu Yun will make any trouble, but also afraid that she and Shuisheng good, let him lose this golden opportunity. After thinking about it, Shu Yun felt that when she arrived in a city, she would get off the bus and break up with Li Feng and then go to see Shuisheng. Don't let Li Feng's presence add to the confusion. At least now, she should hurry up and arrive at the hotel where they are. She should tell Shuisheng before and after this time, so that he can understand his feelings for him.. The car runs fast on the expressway, two people are silent in the smooth carriage, Li Feng opens the stereo, Glass Cosmestic Containers ,oil dropper bottle, a beautiful "belated love" echoes in the carriage, Li Feng is proud to beat the rhythm on the steering wheel with his hand. Shu Yun, who was anxious and irritable, said angrily, "It's off!"! Turn it off! "What's the matter?"? Upset? All right, my lady, turn it off! Off !” At this time, Li Feng appeared to be obedient and obedient. When the car arrived in the city, Shu Yun couldn't wait to take out her cell phone and call Shuisheng and Qianqian, but both of their phones were turned off. Chapter 19 The Pain of Love 4 The hotel where Shuisheng and Qianqian live is not big. Although it is in the downtown area of the city, the hotel area is relatively large and deep. Their rooms are deep in the hotel, far away from the noise of the city. The roar of cars on the street is far away from them. It is really a quiet place. "Shuisheng, Shuisheng" Qianqian came to Shuisheng's bedside and gently called Shuishengzi's name. Shuishengzi fell asleep on the bed, saying Shuyun's name in his mouth: "Xiaoyun, Xiaoyun, come here, you come here!" Qianqian's heart is full of dissatisfaction with Shuisheng. She knows that her position in Shuisheng's heart is not as important as Shuyun's. It is difficult for a person to forget his beloved in his heart. Since he regards himself as Shuyun, he should regard himself as Shuyun.. Thinking of this, Qianqian herself went to the bathroom and took off her clothes quickly. Warm water flowed down her white and smooth skin. She felt comfortable and comfortable. Thinking of spending a wonderful night with her beloved, she was so excited that her beautiful cheeks were white and red, and her whole body burst out with the charm of a girl. Shu Yun, what are you doing? Are you leaving me here alone? Shuisheng called Shu Yun anxiously. I'm coming, I'll be ready soon! Qianqian answered along with Shuisheng's words. I have washed, you also go to wash, "after washing Qianqian more beautiful and moving, the whole body only has a bath towel to wrap oneself tightly." You are not Shu Yun, hey, you are Qian Qian! Why are you here? Go and ask Shu Yun to come. I want Shu Yun to come! Shuisheng opened his sleepy eyes and looked at Qianqian. This sentence makes Qianqian heart very sad, she quietly let the bath towel on her body slide down, the body of light appears in front of the aquatic. Knocking at the door, Qianqian hurriedly picked up the bath towel she had left on the ground. Wrap it around you again. Qianqian's heart a panic, according to her experience to judge, at this time to knock on the door of the public security or something, so late to disturb others can have someone else? She stood in place for more than a minute, thinking that she and Shuisheng were in love, not prostitution, even if the police came, what could they do! Thinking of this, she slightly stabilized her mood and gently said to Shuisheng, "Shuisheng, it's not convenient for me to do this. Open the door!" Shuisheng struggled several times and did not get up, but lay on the bed without moving. Qianqian pouted discontentedly to Shuisheng, carefully wrapped her bath towel upward,Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle, and went to open the door. The door opened and there was a man standing outside. Qianqian looked at him and was shocked. Then, unusually calmly, he said:.


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