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"Ai.." Gu is really a simple child. "Zhang Yongyu patted the back of Hee-sung's neck." It can be solved by dislocation. Don't worry, your first kiss, I guess I can keep it for a few more years. Hee-sung was very shy to lower his head, the first kiss did not send out this statement, let his virgin heart hurt. In fact, MV is very easy to shoot, as long as you find the right feeling, you can shoot it in a few hours. Zhang yongyu said with a smile, "Xiaoli knew you were going to shoot MV and volunteered to help. This is a ready-made heroine. Why don't you think about it?" "Forget it." Hee-sung smiled bitterly, "Sister Hyori is so red now that I can't afford to invite her." It was possible before he decided to let Taeyeon play, but since he decided to let Taeyeon play, he could not go back on his word, otherwise. That chick will cover herself in the quilt and cry to death. The location of the shooting is here, "Hee-sung said, pointing to the small building in front of him." On the third floor, the photographer said the light was more appropriate. And the atmosphere of MV is also relatively close. "It's a good environment. I hope it goes well today." Zhang Yongyu nodded and said, such a simple plot. Even if he attached importance to it, he didn't think it was difficult. "Love is so simple" MV starts shooting! "This is Kim Tae-yeon,Industrial pallet rack, a trainee in the same company with me." After introducing Jang Dong-jin, Hee-sung introduced Tae-yeon to Jang Yong-woo. No wonder you didn't find Hyori to shoot MV. There is such a beautiful girl here. "Jang Yong-woo's face is really such an expression, which makes Hee-sung and Taeyeon a little embarrassed." It's not what you think. We're just friends. This explanation seems a little pale, but quite cute, Zhang Yongyu laughed. When he stayed with young people, he felt as if he was much younger. Hello, please take care of me. "Taeyeon fanned her face with her hands,Narrow aisle rack, driving away the shame of being ridiculed." It's great to make Hee-sung like this, "Zhang Yongyu said kindly, without the airs of a big director.". The heart that made Taeyeon raise her throat was finally put back. Or start to explain the script now, "Hee-sung timely relief for Taeyeon," we have not filmed, you are an expert, how to shoot what you say. "Then I can not be polite, if the words are not pleasant to hear, you do not mind," Zhang Yongyu said ugly words in the front, so as not to wait to control their temper. In fact, when filming, most of the directors are strict or even harsh, Cantilever Storage rack ,Drive in racking system, in private, the producer is the biggest, when it comes to filming, the producer does not dare to touch the director's bad luck. Only in this way can we shoot classic things, and Hee-sung is very understanding to agree to come down. The plot is designed by Hee-sung, and everyone has studied it. "Zhang Yongyu clapped his hands and attracted everyone's attention." However, I still want to explain that the most important thing in shooting MV is musicality, especially the leading actor. You are singing and acting at the same time. The mood of music is your mood.. " Hee-sung and Tae-yeon can only listen to it. Hee-sung is okay. I went to the theater yesterday. Tae-yeon is really the first time. You two go to the side to communicate, we have to arrange the scene, "Zhang Yongyu said dry mouth, took the mineral water from Taeyeon and poured a bucket, and drove her and Hee-sung to one side." What should I do? I'm so nervous. "Taeyeon jumps nervously." There's nothing to be nervous about. I didn't see how nervous you were when I was recording a few days ago. "Hee-sung said disapprovingly, as if he had forgotten that he stood in front of the camera for the first time yesterday and trembled nervously all over." How can that be the same? No one filmed it during the recording. "Look at his leisurely appearance. Taeyeon is jealous and wants to kick him." Just pretend they don't exist, "Hee-sung tried to relax her," just pretend they're sweet potatoes, one baked sweet potato, two baked sweet potatoes.. Haha ~ "Taeyeon was amused to laugh," Xiaoxian will like it very much, a lot of baked sweet potatoes, happy to die. " So, there's no need to be nervous. I'll cooperate with you. It's only a few minutes. Maybe I can pass it once. ” "Once, I can't think about it. I just hope it won't be delayed until tomorrow," Taeyeon said gratefully. "You can actually find a professional actor to play it. I know you know a lot of people." "Don't think too much. Think about so many messy things. It's better to think more about how to make MV better. Have you read the script?" "I've seen it." Taeyeon lowered her head coyly and blushed slightly. You are welcome. Your support is my greatest motivation. rv [Chapter 151 of the main text] [In order to congratulate the birthday of the loach, today is the third watch, we try our best to support, no subscription friends, if you have the ability to automatically subscribe to the loach brother, thank you for the monthly ticket of Pokong Ziyan.] At the same time, it is difficult to detect a small step back, full of defensive posture. Don't think too much. "Hee-sung sweats violently. He is not a lady-killer.". Taeyeon glanced up at him and mumbled inaudibly, "Didn't you make up the script yourself?" The implication is that you made up your own script and made up the kissing scene, but you didn't let me think much about it. It's really overbearing. I really didn't change it. "Hee-sung felt so weak when she saw it that she had to bite the bullet and explained:" After the director got the script, he gave it to a scriptwriter and asked him to help revise it. I didn't expect.. " "So what now?" Taeyeon said doubtfully, "I.." I don't want to.. I don't want to shoot that. She's not gay, so naturally she won't plan to kiss a boy all her life, but the premise must be the boy she likes, and she can't give her first kiss in public. You can rest assured. "Today's weather is already a little hot, and Taeyeon discussed this problem, more let Hee-sung all over the fever, dry throat," when the time comes to use the angle to shoot into a kiss, I will not really kiss you. " "Don't you want to hug each other?" "This.." Hee-sung wanted to say that it wouldn't matter if I hugged her,Pallet rack supplier, but she was a girl after all, and he couldn't say that no matter how much of a bastard he was. Two people can only stare at each other, at a loss.


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