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Singing Khilladis Tasks

Task 8: (Kickout Round) Should be assigned in group within tomorrow 5 pm

Raamji has to assign a song to kickout Srivdhya
Vishba has to assign a song to kickout Padma
Kamesh has to assign a song to kickout Narayan
Srividya has to assign a song to kickout Raamji
Padma has to assign a song to kickout Vishiba
Narayan has to assign a song to kickout Kamesh 

Task 9: Time pressure Round 

Find out the answers for all 10 songs and sing short. If you submit all 10 songs. You have a chance to directly go to finals. You can join 2 times for Duets.

1) Which Song is the most played tamil Track in japan? 
2) Which tamil track won three Tamil Nadu State Film Awards?
3) Which ARR track created controversy and dissatisfaction over the online recording by Vairamuthu and the same was appriciated by the singers of the track?
4) Leading playback singer Srinivas made his first film song with this track? (As a Composer)
5) Rahman's earlier tunes from the 1997 Hindi film Doli Saja Ke Rakhna, is copied in a famous tamil movie. Only track composed newly in the flim was.
6) Which tamil track has featured scenes with seven prominent buildings in the world.
7) What is debut song of Singer Anuradha Sriram?
8) Which Tamil song of Vijay antony was played at the 2011 Cricket World Cup.
9) From the year In decesnding order (start from 2018)who is the female playback singer who won tamil nadu state award contioniously 2 times and which is the first song according to the order?
10) The playback singer who recently passed away because of cancer has sung a popular peppy number in the vijay flim written by vairamuthu and composed by manisharma.

Please read the question properly before singing. and find out answer and sing.

Format to Submit:

KOlink 1: www.smule........
TPlink 1: www.smule........
TPlink 2: www.smule........
TPlink 3: Not known
TPlink 4: www.smule........
TPlink 5: Not known
TPlink 6:www.smule........
TPlink 7:www.smule........
TPlink 8:www.smule........
TPlink 9:www.smule........
TPlink 10:www.smule........

In this round : Faster, More songs, Perfection all 3 matters. If u sing all the songs and submit first then you are the first finalist

Task 10: Grand Finale 3

Task 1: Fav lyrics (Expired)

Task 2: Word game (Expired)

Task 3: Ore pattu Talent Kattu (Expired)

Task 4: Sing in team (Expired)

Task 5: Sing in team (Family round) (Expired)

Task 6: Favorite Lyricist  (Quarter Finals 1)

Task 7: One one round (Quarter Finals)


Celebration round 

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