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Paadava Paadava Sujatha Special 

Terms and conditions

Golden Seat nominations happened between 15th Mar - 14th Apr. The results will be announced between 14th Apr - 24th Apr and 10 Singers will be selected for Semifinals.

From 15th Apr - 29th Apr, Silver Seat nominations will be open. 5 singers will be selected from the nominations received.

In case if contestants who were eliminated from Golden Seat Nominations have performed better than contestants in Silver Seat Nominations they will have a higher chance of getting selected for Silver Seat and they will be invited back to the competition.

Semifinals start from 5th May - 10th May. Contestants need to sing any challenging of Sujatha Mam for the Semi-Finals round.

Finals will be either Online or Live, based on the timely decision.

Finals should be a Medley performance of 3 different genres from the following - Melody, Folk, Western, Classical, Semi classical, Devotional songs of Sujatha Ma'am.

All the best everyone!!😊😊

Stay tuned to Isai24x7 official page for updates on results.

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