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"It is rare people recollect serials. Having done characters that people recollect, I really feel proud."


How do you feel when you think that you started acting from as early as 45 days?

I got the opportunity to act in my first movie that early because of my brother Master Suresh. He was a well know child Artist at that time. Looking back, I feel lucky and proud to have got into the industry that I love in such a very young age even before knowing the world.

Tell us something about your family.

My Husband Mr. Dhanush Natarajan is into advertising and is an Ad Film Maker. He is also into other small businesses. My Son Master Dhanwin is studying UKG. Being with them is my life’s best moments. I am enjoying my life and these two are the reason behind that.

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Which is your favorite character in your career?

I have done lots of characters and roles in serials liking it wholeheartedly. But the movie that gives me identity is “Poovizhi Vaasalile” – Fazil sir’s movie. I acted in all 5 languages with 5 different heroes. It’s a big gift to me and I am always proud about it. I really feel blessed for being part of the movie.


Even today serials like Maharani, Kanavarukga and Bairavi are nostalgic to many fans. How do you feel about it? 

Any time it is very happy to be identified and recognized on being a part of Hit serials. Movies get over in six months but in serials we work together for years as a team. There is a gang/team for “Kanavarukkaaga”, “Mahaaraani” like college friends where Personal Bonding/Relationship is developed. We have done some good scenes which when gets identified by fans, we feel proud and happy. Cinema is like a History, the collections of which are available in Library whereas Serials are like daily newspapers which people watch every day and forget. It is rare people recollect serials. Having done characters that people recollect, I really feel proud.


What does music mean to you and your family?

I can proudly say that my family is a music loving family, though there is no connection with music. We want to train our Son in singing. Dhanwin is also interested in Mridangam. We are waiting for him to turn 7 for Mridangam. Music is part of my life. We play music when we wake up and sleep. Songs of Ilayaraja Sir and AR Rahman sirs are my personal favorites. 


Depending on my mood, I keep listening to their songs interchangeably. I like my singing more than how much others like it. Laughs. 

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Which famous musicians do you admire?

P B Sreenivas sir and S P Balasubrahmanyam sir are my all time favorites. I also like Chithra Amma a lot. I like lot of singers but these three tops the list being my most favorite.

Mrs. Chinnathirai?

Mrs. Chinnathirai was a different journey out of the routine life of family and serials. More so, I feel very happy and proud to have won the title.

Current projects?

Currently I am doing one Telugu serial. Unlike before, I am spending more time for my child and family and allocating my shooting accordingly.

How do you balance your career and personal life?

We have to correctly prioritize what is important in life. During School time, I was balancing studies and work. I also dint want to miss good movies as a child artist. Similarly, I reduced the number of serials as I entered marriage life and spent good time at home with husband and family. At present, my priority and importance is spending time with my child and playing with him. So I have been designing a beautiful balanced life till now It is not that I am doing it in a pre planned manner but been taking it in a balanced way. I am so happy about this well designed life. I have not given up or ignored anything. But based on importance of something at relevant point of time I am prioritizing, balancing and taking it forward.

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