Judges Round: Judges mark (50%)

Last Date: Nov 1

  • Send the video of the Final performance. 

  • Contestant previously selected the strong genre. They should one Song from the same genre for the finals. Change of genre not allowed.

  • Selected contestants are mentioned at the end of the page. (All will get nominee certificate).

  •  Judges will qualify some talented contestants for 2 mins to live performance from the final video for grand finale

For Unnikrishnan & Srinvas Category 

Record any short song of Srini Sir or Unni Sir.

For Wow Talents 

Record 2 mins Self-intro video.

For Swarnalatha Category

Record any short song of Swarnalatha.

For Ahaa Paadalam, Singing Khilladis & Isai Kudumbam Please Find the songs below.

Voting Round: Voting Weightage (30%)

Last Date: Nov 3 - Nov 10

  • Ask for public voting

  • Registered and Subscribed users can vote on videos that they like the most. Social media sharing is encouraged to help increase votes for your videos.

    Rules for Voting:

  • Only one vote per video can be made per person.

  • Users must register or subscribe to our channel to vote.

  • The voting person should send the screenshot of subscription to youtube page (isai24x7, isai24x7play)

  • In the event of a tie, the winning money will be split evenly between the people who tie.

Live Performance Round: 2 mins Challenge (20%)

  • 2 mins live performance on stage (Nov 23)

  •  Audience and Special guest voting

  •  Winner announcement.  

  • Note: If you are from abroad instead of the live performance you will be having a different Video round will let you know separately. Those who are from India should sing live only. The video will not be considered. 

General Terms & Conditions:

• Short cover songs are not allowed. The full song will only be accepted. 
• Only Video songs allowed. Keep in Studio or Super Studio mode only. 
• No multiple Joins allowed. 
• You cannot change your song selection after you choose the genre.
• Entries sent after the extended due dates won't be accepted.
• The video's sound quality should be good. Vocals should be audible.
• Vocalists’ faces must be clearly visible in the video.
• Failure to comply with all “Rules and Regulations” may result in disqualification.
• The decision of our qualified judges will be final.

10 Parameters for Judging:

1    Quality of voice: Natural and distinctive tone of speech sounds produced by a person yields a particular voice.    10
2    Strength: Steadiness of voice power, Confidence Range of voice    10
3    Pitch: Adherence to the note and melody of the song    10
4    Tune: One which characterizes a certain piece of music    10
5    Rhythm: Tempo and timing of the song    10
6    Clarity: Pronunciation of words    10
7    Mood and Expression:  Feeling or a song's specific state of mind.    10
8    Breath control: How you exhale controls the quality of the sound, the volume and the tone.    10
9    Creativity - Improvisation    10
10    Overall impact – winning component    10

Ahaa Paadalam

AP02. Syamala Sreeram
AP05. Gayathri. S
AP06. R. Ramya
AP08. Aarathi S 
AP04. Joseph Britto  

Swarnalatha Special

SW01. Hema Bharath
SW05. Neeraja. R
SW06. SatheshRagupathy
SW04. aishwarya.eswaran@gmail.com

Singing Khilladis

SK01. Jairaj Kannan
SK02. Swetha.A
SK04. Aarthi M.N. Ashwin

SK05. Ramya
SK07. Vinitha Dharmarajan 
SK06. Seetha


Isai Kudumbam

IK01  Kamesh
IK02. Ajay Shiva A 
IK05. R satheshRagupathy
IK07. Saranya Mantgol
IK08. BhanuRekha
IK15. Roshni Narayanan 
IK09. Prasanna k
IK06. Vasudevan L
IK10. Lakshmi narasimhan. Mv

Wow Talents

WTA01 Budding Entrepreneur Male    Justus Jamieson
WTA02 Budding Entrepreneur Female THAARIKHA SALMAN 
WTA07 Budding Short film Director Magesh
WTA08 Budding Short film Director Praveen Kumar.M
WTA09 Budding Short film Director Srinivasan Senthilmuthu 
WTA13 Budding Tamil Novelist Sri
WTA05 Budding Mehandi artist Diviksha Mehandi Studio 
WTA10 Budding Whistle artist KRISHNARAJ. P.

Unni Srini Marathon

USM11 Sujatha Kamala
USM23 Roshni Narayanan

Paaduvour Paadalam

PP01 DR. Vivek
PP02 SatheshRagupathy
PP05 Sudha

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