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Yaavum Enadhe


“Yaavum Enadhe” is a official independent Tamil Song. This song freshly arrived in Youtube on 21 June 2018. This song sung by Shweta Mohan. Music composed and arranged by Bennet Roland. The lyrics penned by Madhan Karky. Song conceptualized and directed by Shruthi Nandagopal. Music video produced by Shweta Mohan. Shweta Mohan was the publisher of this song

This song gives the feel of sheer joy thinking that the whole world belongs to us, everything and everyone loves us and we love everything we come across... the beautiful seas, trees, sand,to say, all the five elements on this earth and most important to us are our loving family and friends.


We stay in a happy and contented state whenever we even think of our family and friends.We can achieve anything in this world if our family and friends are with us. Swetha has sung and performed this song giving the complete feel for all this.

The lyrics are beautiful and such a lovely composition where it's mostly western based, but

a beautiful classical tinge is given, when she sings... Endrendrum vendume... awesome composition overall !!

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