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How about Singing competitions??




  • Long queues for reality show????

  • Worried About Elimination???

  • Unable to travel for a show from your place to that location???

  • Disappointments in contests??

                            NO WORRIES... COME ON!!! HERE IS THE EASY WAY TO GOoooo


                                  Simply Register, Sing, Upload, Share and become a star.


  • Sing at your leisure. Less time-consuming.

  • No elimination on monthly contests.

  • And best of all is sing from home or wherever you are

  • Participate in Contest and Win Exciting Prizes*.


                                  Follow people who sing, play and love music. Create your own circle.


                Very Simple Login through FB or Google Plus


                                                   Enjoy Music




About isai24x7


  • “Music” always plays a prime role in the life of Everyone's life.

  • We have such a deep connection with music because it is hardwired' in our brain and body.

  • Given this context, here comes “Isai24x7”, an online portal for singers, musicians & music lovers.

  • It provides a gateway for many singers, musicians and music lovers across India to those who didn’t have a chance to give a stage performance.


  • The vision of Isai24x7 is to encourage more budding singers, musicians to perform and grow.

  • Participate in the competitions aired on the website and win exciting prizes.

  • It is not a milestone away; however, a mouse click away to create
    a profile for you and follow your fellow singers.


  • Participate in Exciting music event/shows.

  • Watch the performance of Isai24x7 singers to gain confidence. 

  • Check out interviews with inspiring and aspiring singers
    and musicians.


  • Promote your Independent music and song covers through
    our website and get fame. 


  • This site also provides an online music forum for discussion.

  • Join our Isai24x7 Community and achieve a passion for music.


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