Frequently asked questions

What is the eligibility criteria?

All the competitions are open to all singers all over the world, age 8+, who can sing in Tamil, provided they can pay the entry fees through an Indian account and currency.

The competition is fully online.

The award ceremony will be in Chennai in (The date to be announced later).

Shall I participate in more than one Competition?

Based on the nature of the competiton. Please ask us at 6374033889.

Why is there an entry fee?

Enrolment fee helps us to keep the contest online and contributes to promoting musical talent world-wide.

Can I submit 2 recordings?

No, you need to submit only one recording per payment. (Not applicable for marathons).

Will I be able get a refund, if I haven’t done any submission?

There is no refund available once payment has been made.

What happens if I submitted a wrong link and want to re-submit a different link?

Participants need to ensure that, they upload the correct link. No requests for changing the file that is submitted initially will be entertained. If the Participants wants to re-submit a separate fee will have to be paid again.

How will a participant be informed as to whether his/ her entry has been shortlisted?

Participants whose entries have been shortlisted will be informed via email/ phone as per the contact details provided in their submission form.

On which tv channel the show will be telecast?

It's not a TV Show. This is Tamil's First Digital Media Singing Website - It will be posted on our Website and we will promote our contestants through Social Media Activities on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google + etc.

How do I pick a song/do the judges have a preference?

Pick a song that reflects your personality and age. Also, keep in mind that it is a singing competition, so the song should showcase your voice well.

I have a query. Whom can I ask?

Please send your queries to and we will try to revert as soon as we can. Alternately, you can refer to our terms and conditions. You can also send your query to

How to get payment ID?

Click Pay Button. Pay the amount required. Then you will receive a mail. In that you will receive payment ID. Screenshot mentioned Below.

About Judges

Please Follow this page to meet our judges and Juries: No Comments, Scores or Feedbacks will be given to the contetsants.